Athlete-centered Coaching - Developing Decision Makers

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Athlete-centred Coaching - 2nd Edition

An athlete-centred, humanistic approach to coaching is a powerful tool to enable athletes to learn and encourage them to own and take responsibility for the development of a quality team culture. The result is enhanced athlete performance and a thriving, supportive team environment.

Athlete-centred Coaching: Developing decision makers (second edition) promotes a philosophy of creating sportspeople who are great human beings. Six coaches and three athletes-involved in sports from international to school-aged level-share their knowledge, stories and philosophies, offering practical insights into how athlete-centred coaching can be put into practice. These successful, athlete-centred, humanistic coaches inspire their athletes and encourage them to make informed decisions.

These coaches' stories of success offer a pathway by which coaches in pursuit of athlete excellence can adopt an athlete-centred, humanistic approach in their own practice.

Edited by Lynn Kidman and Bennett J. Lombardo - ISBN: 978-0-9565065-0-4

Coaches Featured:

  • Mike Ruddock
  • Lyn Gunson
  • Matt Powell
  • Guy Evans
  • Greg Chappell
  • Mark Norton
  • Don Tricker

With Guest Authors:

  • Gareth Jones
  • Paul Cooper
  • Ian Renshaw
  • Christian Edwards
  • Rick Humm