Lynn KidmanLynn Kidman is a coach educator who has been training coaches since 1994. She comes from the US originally, but now a Kiwi, based at the Auckland University of  Technology. Her life mission is training coaches who inspire athletes and develop great human beings. Lynn has coached for many years at secondary schools (volleyball, softball, swimming, basketball) and in basketball specifically until 1998. She has been involved in a player manager role, where she advises coaches and encourages the athlete centred approach.

Lynn has authored Developing Decision Makers: an empowerment approach to coaching and Athlete-centred Coaching: Developing inspired and inspiring people (Both editons), published by IPC. She has also co-authored (with Stephanie Hanrahan), The Coaching Process: A guide to improving your effectiveness a third edition of this title has recently been published by Routledge.

Lynn is also a successful speaker and workshop leader with a long history of promoting best coaching practices and team culture throughout New Zealand and in other parts of the world. Lynn’s main focus and research has been in the area of athlete-centred coaching whereby athletes gain and take ownership of knowledge, development and decision making that will help them to maximise their performance. This athlete-centred approach provides people with a chance to be part of the decision-making process that is involved in the organisation and performance of sports teams.

Lynn has been a Keynote speaker and Presenter at conferences and for different organisations. As an invited speaker, she has addressed organisations such as the English Rugby Football Union, the Olympic coaches in the Netherlands, the Japan Coaching Association, academics and coaches in universities, Physical Education teachers and coaches in New Zealand and the Queensland Rugby Union. Lynn addresses these organisations with passion and determination, motivating audiences to self-reflect and consider their current practices.

Lynn can provide a multitude of workshops, using innovative delivery techniques for developing people centred approaches and will cater to the needs of the organisation. Lynn will develop workshops based on life lessons, team culture, values and attitudes, communication and coaching people to develop to their capabilities. She has much experience in creating and delivering innovative workshops to meet the needs of an organisation. With a PhD in changing coaching behaviours, Lynn has been working with people for over 25 years, consulting individuals and organisations to better their performances and increase their productivity.

Coach Education
Because of her passion for educating coaches, Lynn has helped to develop several coaching education programmes which base their philosophy on athlete-centred coaching. The programmes consist of theory and practice, with an emphasis on training coaches at the coal face. The philosophy and delivery of these courses are student-centred whereby coaches can reflect and practise coaching. The emphasis for these programmes is holistic, in developing athletes psychosocially, cognitively and physically. Therefore the topics included cover the spectrum of athletes needs including pedagogy (how to coach), social and emotional practices, cognitive learning (decision making) and physical characteristics and considerations.

Lynn can be contacted by email at: or you can follow Lynn on TWITTER: @lkidman