About IPC Print Resources

IPC Print Resources (formerly Innovative Print Communications Ltd) was established in 1998 in Christchurch, New Zealand. In 2001 we published “Developing Decision Makers – An Empowerment Approach to Coaching“, written by Lynn Kidman, who is a Coach Educator, based at the Auckland University of  Technology

Lynn’s philosophy is to encourage coaches to move away from the dictatorial style and adopt a more empowering approach. This enables athletes to have more input into the coaching process, maximising their enjoyment and ultimate success in their pursuits. ”Developing Decision Makers” has been very successful, appealing to Sports Coaches at all levels throughout the world.

In 2005, “Athlete Centered Coaching: Developing Inspired and Inspiring People“, was published. In this book Lynn interviewed a number of coaches and athletes involved in sports from international to school-aged level. They shared their knowledge, stories and philosophies, offering practical insights into how athlete-centred coaching can be put into practice. These successful, athlete-centred coaches inspire their athletes and, in turn, the athletes inspire each other.

The second edition entitled ”Athlete Centered Coaching: Developing Decision Makersco-authored with Bennett J Lombardo of Rhode Island College, was published in 2010.

All three of Lynn Kidman’s books, plus 2 e-books by Bennett J Lombardo are available on this site.